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LIV DOLLS – (Click here to browse all)

Liv Doll Hayden


The vegetarian and animal lover of the group.

Liv Doll Alexis


The fashion and clothing expert of the Liv Dolls.

Liv Doll Sophie


The expert hair stylist of the BFFs.

Liv Doll Daniela


The musician and rock star of the Liv Girls.

Liv Doll Katie


The athletic and sporty girl in the group.

LIV DOLL SETS – (Click here to browse all)

Liv Spa Set

Liv Spa Set

The Liv Dolls are ready to get away for a relaxing day at the spa. This set includes three of the Liv Dolls in spa outfits, along with a complete spa.

Liv Twist and Dance Set

Twist and Dance Set

In this set, the Liv Girls are ready to dance! The series features the dolls with additional joints to perform special dance moves.

Liv Making Waves Set

Liv Making Waves Set

The Liv Girls are in their beach gear and having some serious fun! The set includes the five Liv Dolls, a new Jake Liv Doll, and other accessories.

Liv Dolls in Wonderland Set

Liv Dolls in Wonderland Set

The Liv Girls are in wonderland! In this collection, the Liv Girls are dressed up as your favorite Alice and Wonderland characters.

Liv Winter Formal Set

Liv Winter Formal Set

The Liv Girls are about to head to the winter formal! Check out the original four Liv Dolls in their stunning dresses.

Liv Outdoor Fashion Set

Liv Outdoor Fashion Set

The Liv Dolls are exploring the outdoors in this fabulous set! The series comes stocked with plenty of outdoor accessories.

Liv After School Set

Liv After School Set

The Liv Girls are done with a long day at school and looking to relax! Check out these girls in their after-school attire.

Liv Dolls with Dogs Set

Liv Dolls with Dogs Set

The Liv Dolls have their own dogs! This set, which includes the four original dolls, has four different dogs which match the personalities of the dolls.

Original Liv Doll Set

Original Liv Doll Set

The four original Liv Dolls are included this set. This set is a must for any collector of the Liv Dolls. These dolls can be used with all accessories.

LIV DOLL ACCESSORIES – (Click here to browse all)

Liv Doll Animal Accessories


Do you have all of the horses and dogs in your Liv Doll collection?

Liv Doll Outfits and Wigs

Outfits and Wigs

All of the outfits and wigs needed to make sure your Liv Dolls are styling!

Liv Doll Musical Instruments


The Liv Dolls love to play music, especially Daniela. Don’t miss out on the instruments!

Liv Doll Sports Accessories


The Liv Girls are a big fan of the outdoors! Find all of their sporty accessories here.

Liv Doll Work Places and Playset Accessories

Workplaces and Playsets

Make sure that you collect all of the Liv Dolls’ work places so they can go to work!

Miscellaneous Liv Doll Accessories


Other miscellaneous accessories that are perfect for your Liv Doll collection.